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Road To Zero Wealth

Learn How The Racial Divide Is Hollowing Out America's Middle Class.
 Financial Empowerment For The Masses!
We Will Take You By The Hand To Show You The Financial Benefits of Becoming An Elite Savvy Consulting Client
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Customer Since 2012
Davina: It's almost like Magic.  I was able to pay off bills starting from a negative cash flow position.
Customer Since 2015
Dawn: I was able to do repairs on my house with the extra money. I am now using the Tax free money to pay off my home in seven years.
Customer Since 2017
Vernon:  I am more aware of my money like never before.  I just follow their monthly action plan to get to  where I want to go financially.
Customer Since 2012
Patricia: I don't live pay check to pay check any more thanks to their monthly action plans.
 A 10 Year Track Record of Helping Families With Out The Box Savvy Financial Literacy Consulting Concepts Since 2008
Get Aware of Injustices & Help Yourself Shrink The Wealth Inequality Gap
  Learn How To Eliminate Debt Evening Having A Slightly Negative Monthly Cash Flow 
Our Client's Receive  Personal Monthly Budgeting Coaching
What You Will Be Learning On The Free Webinar On-Demand
How To Pay Any Unwanted Debts W/O Using Your Money!
Get Tax Help First!  Regardless if Your Offer & Compromise is Accepted or Not, This is An innovative way to pay back the I.R.S. Student Loans or any major obligations.  Different from anything you've ever seen.  Learn advanced literacy strategies to regain and control your financial life. 
Empower Yourself Financially With Limited Resources 
Signing up for the free webinar will help you on your path to financial wellness and wealth building. Our topics include how to beat the debt trap by saving thousands in interest, advanced financial literacy you've never seen before, turbo debt repayment plan strategies, and budgeting.
Real Consulting Client Scenarios  Success Cases
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