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Create New Cash Flow To Save 1k's In Interest By Accelerating Debt Payoff!

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Only 200 Spots

Very limited webinar...

Larry Henry

Top Re-seller With A 9 year Track Record

Sherrie Hunter-Henry

Top Re-seller 9 Year Track Record
Tax Law, JD
What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:
Create New Cash Flow
Create New Passive Income Just By Changing The Way You Pay Your Bills! 

Before The Savvy King Opportunity It Was Impossible To Get Out of Debt With a Slightly Negative Cash Flow.

Millions of Americans have a monthly negative cash flow, which means, that they spend more per month than what they bring in; juggling bills monthly. This leads to more debt, late fees, insufficient funds fees (NSF) and paying higher interest rates; avoiding these fees alone, is a huge savings for most Americans.

Pay  Off Your Debts W/O Using Your Money
The I.R.S, Student Loans, and Home Loans.  Use the extra money to accelerate loan payments to save thousands in interest.

Many Americans don't have extra cash flow to pay double on debts and can
only afford to pay the minimum when paying back large debts like student loans and the I.R.S.  This leads to being stuck paying years of payments (The Debt Trap) and having to pay back twice the amount of the original loan.  Our program, (Savvy King Consulting) when used the right way, can save you thousand in interest even if you have a slightly negative cash flow.

Advanced Financial Literacy
Develop a personal action plan for yourself and others a road map to put you on the fast track to achieving your financial goals.

Different from anything you've ever seen!

Recapture 1/3 of Your Monthly Household Income For Life!

The Bigger Your Combined Income + Less Debt, The More New Cash Flow We Can Help You Recapture!  (1/3 of Your Monthly Net)

Example: $6,000 Combined Take Home Pay x 1/3 = $2,000 Extra Per Month, $24,000 Yearly x 10 years = $240,000

That's a 33% Rate of Return On Your Money!

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