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has been helping business owners and individuals since 1999 get the maximum amount of refunds and Tax deductions allowed under the tax law.  Co- founder, Lawrence L. Henry, who has a 20 years business building track record, took and ideal from Sherrie Hunter- Henry, who has a triple undergraduate degrees in Finance, Accounting, Insurance, plus a Tax Law degree from Howard University, and turned it into a turnkey business.  L&S has opened up her innovative consulting program beyond her Tax Clients, to everyone who qualifies.

L&S Business Solutions, LLC has two offices located in Sacramento, CA and Landover, MD. L&S has been consulting with people how to pay unwanted obligations without using their own money for over 9 years, regardless of where you live in the country.   Savvy King, A Division Of L&S /  Savvy King started off as a husband and wife team that eventually exploded overnight with growth every since the down turn of the economy. A lot of L&S's Tax clients are business owners who needed help navigating through these very difficult times.

L&S started helping their own clients pay unwanted obligations without using their own money. Eventually, our clients started referring their friends & relatives, and the rest is history. The bottom line, high finance consulting packaged in a user friendly software.

  Our consultants help our customers with key life time financial structure